Studies and integral projects of ventilation in confined underground spaces for underground works, tunnels and mines considering the General Regulation of Basic Norms of Mining Safety and ITC that develop it.

- Primary ventilation system.
- Secondary ventilation system.
- Ventilation system design.
- VENPRI and VENSEC ventilation network resolution software.
- Toxic gases monitoring systems and environmental monitoring design.

Application of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes: Ventilation studies in mines and tunnels, fire simulation, improvements in self-protection plans and evacuation routes.

Tcomet - Telice Comet

From a point of view committed to the Health and Safety of workers, improvements in working conditions are developed and implemented in companies with underground environments:
- Compliance with ITC and Mining Safety Regulations.
- Evaluation of labour risks.
- Evaluation of exposure to vibrations, dust and gases.
- Training of workers and Emergency Brigades.

Tcomet - Telice Comet

Development of Self-protection Plans and integration of mining emergencies in the scope of regional Civil Protection.

Automated management of Emergency Plans through software that takes into account:
- Emergency Detection Plan.
- Action Plan.
- Evacuation Plan.

Tcomet - Telice Comet

More than 100 simulations carried out. Evacuation drills are a fundamental training tool in the implementation and validation of Self-Protection Plans in a company combining theoretical instruction and practical training carried out in the workplace.

Different types of emergency cases are managed:
- Collapses IN underground environments: mining and tunnels.
- Emanations or detachments of toxic gases.
- Flooding of water or sludge.
- Fires and explosions.

Tcomet - Telice Comet

Experience in the development of national and European research projects for the mining and tunnelling sectors.

- EXPRO European Commission "Research Fund for Coal and Steel". Year 2014 - 2017
- GASDRAIN European Commission "Research Fund for Coal and Steel". Year 2014 - 2018
- MapROC European Commission "Research Fund for Coal and Steel". Years 2016 - 2019
- ECOVENT Ventilation system for tunnels under construction by conventional methods, effective and efficient energetically, minimizing the emission of gaseous pollutants and particles. Years 2016 - 2018.

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