Innovative and user centered designed solutions guarantee the durability and the return of investment.

- Implementation flexibility and scaling.
- Future proof.
- Network redundancy.
- RF coverage design and survey.
- On site environmental monitoring.
- Telecommunication technical regulations and legislation.
- Technical specifications ang ingress protection rating.
- Mining Safety Regulations.
- Risk assessment and Method Statement in tunneling and mining.
- Emergency Protection Plan in tunneling and mining.
- Ventilation projects in underground tunnels and mines.
- Telecommunication and Electrical projects.

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Wireless communication solutions on the move are continuously evolving, offering new and innovative services.

- Plug & Play solutions
- Wireless solutions for mining, tunneling and industry. 
- Wireless Low Energy solutions for IoT.
- Mesh topology with multiple ring redundancy.
- Wireless train-to-trackside communications: fast roaming.
- Radio links in rural areas.
- TETRA and Digital Mobile Radio Systems (Motorola Gold Partner).
- DAS systems: Radio coverage extension in indoors.
- Indoor coverage in large buildings.

underground wireless Tcomet - Telice Comet

The use of Ethernet in industrial communications even reaches real time critical applications.

- Industrial networking.
- Fiber optic solutions for tunneling, mining and industry.
- Networks upto 10G.
- Equipment for ATEX.
- UPS systems with battery backups.
- Network supervisory and administration software.
- Remote access solutions on the move.

underground networking Tcomet - Telice Comet

Voice communication over data networks has become the most flexible and innovative solution, offering advanced personal communications services in mobility.

- Industrial wireless handsets with PTT.
- Solutions based on smartphones (BYO Bring-Your-Own).
- Advanced call management: conference calls, recording, group calls, message replay.
- Integrations of handsets and external links with SIP protocol.
- Integration with radio systems (RoIP).
- Integration with messaging systems.
- Integration with videoconference systems.

underground radio system Tcomet - Telice Comet

The development of real time videos analysis systems has given a new and innovative impulse to video solutions, as much as in systems orientated to vigilance and security as in quality control.

- Video analysis software: number plates, suspicious situations, people identification.
- Wireless video for collaborative solutions between specialists and technicians.
- Cameras adapted to hazardous environment.
- Re-use of CCTV investment.
- Access control systems integration.
- Augmented reality solutions.

Augmented reality solutions Tcomet - Telice Comet

To know the real-time location of people and machines in indoor situations where GPS solutions does not work enables to send them context information.

- RTLS technology based on wireless, wireless low energy or RFID.
- Communications and location in the same device.
- Integrations with outdoor location systems based on GPS.
- Software platform integrating:
Work and restricted areas management.
Access control associated to location.
Information and safety alerts associated to location.
Automatic alarm generation due to the presence of unauthorized people in a risk area.
Evacuation indications personalized.

underground real time location Tcomet - Telice Comet

The availability of advanced communication networks increases the possibilities of automation and data acquisition systems in distributed architecture projects with many remote units.

- IoT platform.
- Environmental monitoring including gases, temperature, humidity, air flow and pressure.
- Alarm management in relation to defined thresholds in environmental monitoring including sounders, strobes and directional signals for Evacuation Plan.
- Geotechnical instrumentation monitoring and register.
- Customization of the graphic interface and report generation.
- Distributed architecture.
- Integration of mobile handsets for displaying and actuation.
- Integration with existing SCADA systems.
- Different communication protocols and databases.

underground automation and data adquisition

Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology all the information is shared with all the stakeholders in a digital model including CAD information (3D), planning (4D), costs (5D), environmental (6D) and maintenance (7D).

- Advance project management with BIM methodology.
- App for field engineers.
- On-site training, installation, configuration, testing and commissioning.
- 24/7 remote support & maintenance.
- Software update and documentation.
- Network supervision and monitoring.
- Knowledge transference.
- Innovation projects partnership.

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