Innovative and user centered designed solutions guarantee the durability and the return of investment.

- Implementation flexibility and scaling.
- Future proof.
- Network redundancy.
- RF coverage design and survey.
- On site environmental monitoring.
- Telecommunication technical regulations and legislation.
- Technical specifications ang ingress protection rating.
- Mining Safety Regulations.
- Risk assessment and Method Statement in tunneling and mining.
- Emergency Protection Plan in tunneling and mining.
- Ventilation projects in tunneling and mining.
- Telecommunication and Electrical projects.


Wireless communication solutions on the move are continuously evolving, offering new and innovative services.

- Plug&Play solutions
- Wireless solutions for mining, tunneling and industry. 
- Wireless Low Energy solutions for IoT.
- Mesh topology with multiple ring redundancy.
- Wireless train-to-trackside communications: fast roaming.
- Radio links in rural areas.
- TETRA and Digital Mobile Radio Systems (Motorola Gold Partner).
- DAS systems: Radio coverage extension in indoors.
- Indoor coverage in large buildings.


The use of Ethernet in industrial communications even reaches real time critical applications.

- Industrial networking.
- Fiber optic solutions for tunneling, mining and industry.
- Networks upto 10G.
- Equipment for ATEX.
- UPS systems with battery backups.
- Network supervisory and administration software.
- Remote access solutions on the move.


Voice communication over data networks has become the most flexible and innovative solution, offering advanced personal communications services in mobility.

- Industrial wireless handsets with PTT.
- Solutions based on smartphones (BYO Bring-Your-Own).
- Advanced call management: conference calls, recording, group calls, message replay.
- Integrations of handsets and external links with SIP protocol.
- Integration with radio systems (RoIP).
- Integration with messaging systems.
- Integration with videoconference systems.


The development of real time videos analysis systems has given a new and innovative impulse to video solutions, as much as in systems orientated to vigilance and security as in quality control.

- Video analysis software: number plates, suspicious situations, people identification.
- Wireless video for collaborative solutions between specialists and technicians.
- Cameras adapted to hazardous environment.
- Re-use of CCTV investment.
- Access control systems integration.
- Augmented reality solutions.


To know the real-time location of people and machines in indoor situations where GPS solutions does not work enables to send them context information.

- RTLS technology based on wireless, wireless low energy or RFID.
- Communications and location in the same device.
- Integrations with outdoor location systems based on GPS.
- Software platform integrating:
Work and restricted areas management.
Access control associated to location.
Information and safety alerts associated to location.
Automatic alarm generation due to the presence of unauthorized people in a risk area.
Evacuation indications personalized.


The availability of advanced communication networks increases the possibilities of automation and data acquisition systems in distributed architecture projects with many remote units.

- IoT platform.
- Environmental monitoring including gases, temperature, humidity, air flow and pressure.
- Alarm management in relation to defined thresholds in environmental monitoring including sounders, strobes and directional signals for Evacuation Plan.
- Geotechnical instrumentation monitoring and register.
- Customization of the graphic interface and report generation.
- Distributed architecture.
- Integration of mobile handsets for displaying and actuation.
- Integration with existing SCADA systems.
- Different communication protocols and databases.


Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology all the information is shared with all the stakeholders in a digital model including CAD information (3D), planning (4D), costs (5D), environmental (6D) and maintenance (7D).

- Advance project management with BIM methodology.
- App for field engineers.
- On-site training, installation, configuration, testing and commissioning.
- 24/7 remote support & maintenance.
- Software update and documentation.
- Network supervision and monitoring.
- Knowledge transference.
- Innovation projects partnership.


We offer advanced and innovative solutions for users integrating communications, automation, regulation, sensors, control and supervision projects in industrial, railway, tunneling and mining environments. Our capabilities include:
• Development of turnkey projects including installation and maintenance
• Integration of instrumentation and control projects on a PLC platform
• Development of hardware solutions
• Development of SCADA software
• Industrial Communications: field buses (Ethernet, Profibus, Interbus, Modbus), wireless communications (WiFi, 2G/3G/4G, 2-way radio, LoRa, BLE)


We offer solutions for users based on Information Technologies and Digitalization. Our extensive expertise in industrial software together with the capabilities on IT enable us to develop user centered innovative software solutions using technologies such as:
• Data Analytics
• Machine learning
• BIM - Building Infomation Modelling
• Agile software development
• Hybrid Architectures On Cloud / On Premise
• Mobile Apps
• SCADA software
• IoT - Internet of Things